Thursday, March 12, 2009

Geothermal power

By considering the ever increasing energy crisis, it has become utmost important to find out other efficient alternatives to compensate the energy needs. So, several renewable sources of energy like solar energy, geothermal energy and wind power are being used for generating electricity for household as well as commercial purposes.

The generation of electricity from geothermal energy has proved a highly efficient and powerful method, yet site selection for geothermal power plant is a crucial factor. Only few locations are present in whole world which retain the capability to produce viable and proficient stratum of electricity from geothermal sources of energy. Therefore, in the year 2007, merely 1% of electricity supply comes from geothermal power for whole world.

Now-a-days, geothermal power showcases enough energetic potential to whole world. It presents a fairly unexploited energy sector that can render skeptical amount of energy if used properly. As it comes directly from the crust of earth, so it is all natural without engraving even a little amount of harmful chemicals like lead and arsenic in it. Frequently, it is being used in small scale industries, however it is almost impossible to use it on large scale because it requires high maintenance. However, the amazing benefits of this geothermal power can not be ignored at all

Therefore, some crucial efforts are being done by governments of several countries to make people aware about the benefits of geothermal power and thus becoming less dependent on other resources like oil and fossil fuel.