Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why use alternative energy

Alternative energy sources are the sources that have been developed to meet the increasing energy demands. Alternative energy resources are not based on the combustion of fossil fuels. The various alternative sources available are:

• Wood or biomass
• Hydro- electric power
• Solar energy
• Wind energy
• Wave energy
• Tidal energy
• Ocean thermal energy
• Geothermal energy
• Bio diesel power

Today, most of the energy comes from oil such as kerosene, gasoline and diesel fuel. They are commonly used fuels and have several benefits. They are available in abundance. These fuels are easy to transport and have a high energy density. Fuels are versatile as they can be produced from several different products. They are also important for the petroleum industry.

The question that arises is why to use alternative energy store when these fuels are available?

The simplest answer to this question is that the oil reserves of the world are not going to last forever. A time will come when the oil available in the world will finish or it will become too expensive to drill for oil. Alternative energy is a solution to this problem as it is renewable. This means that alternative energy will always be available and will never run out.

Another reason for the use of alternative energy is that it does not cause pollution and does not affect the environment adversely. On the other hand, fuels cause a lot of pollution.

With the increasing costs of fuels worldwide, alternative sources of energy offer the best possible solutions to meet the energy demands in future.

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